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Always looking to the future

Feeling European is about more than preparing, managing or collaborating on a project.
It is being a Brother of the world, aware of being part of a great, incredible humanity.
In Idee in Movimento we work every day to improve our society, spreading the good values ​​of brotherhood and collaboration between people and generations.
We are living in difficult times, but difficult times bring new opportunities, something we will never stop trying to always bring something new to our people and our territory.

Always an opportunity to start something new.

A bridge to Europe

In a world where more and more walls are being built, our mission is to build bridges.

May they unite us, connect us, to share values ​​and ideas.

To build, with those walls, a common home where everyone can contribute to the development of a new and tolerant society.

We try to do this every day in Idee in Movimento.

Fabrizio Chillemi, President of Idee in Movimento

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