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Erasmus +

Since 2018 we have been active in the Erasmus + world, the European Union program that offers mobility and non-formal learning opportunities to all age groups.

We are experienced partners in the field, having managed more than 20 projects of the KA1 and KA2 type.

We mainly deal with creating opportunities for young people, but recently we have also started dealing with projects with an adult target.




One of the main topics we cover with our Erasmus+ projects is inclusion, be it gender, minorities or people with disabilities.


Environmental protection

The care of our territory is a leitmotiv that accompanies all our activities. In the Erasmus+ field we have developed several projects concerning environmental protection and the promotion of a healthier and more sustainable economy. Because there is no Planet B.



Promotion of the work

Whether it's for young people preparing to enter the world of work or less young people who need to adapt to the current times, with Erasmus + projects we take care of finding the right means for every need.


Cultural heritage

Giardini Naxos, our home, is also the oldest Greek colony in Sicily, with millennia of history.

For this reason, promoting our cultural heritage around Europe is an opportunity that we cannot pass up. Thanks to Erasmus+ we are able to introduce ourselves and get to know other cultures.

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